wrap around.

today, aside from being my first blog post, is a wrap around day (not to be confused with the “reach around”), or phase shift day,. what better way to wayne my extended day than start a blog?

despite being a netizen since pre-internet 0.2 (credits: afresh) i have to admit i’ve had minimal interest in writing a blog. maybe the phase shift i’m experiencing has also shifted my perspectives and desires? i have to confess a weird sense of pride in defying my body of sleep. my ego has a mild scent of superiority from defying my body of its basic necessities. nearly 36 waking hours, but soon i’ll grant my body sleep and permit myself to resync with the quotidian physics obligating our globe to its tedium of revolutions.

the desire for sleep feels strong in me- yet well supressed. i’ve nurished myself with one last meal to carry me through my last wrapping hours. a mickie-d’s #3. q-pounder w/ cheese, fries, and a refreshing orange lavaburst hi-c. twas a good day.

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One Comment on “wrap around.”

  1. Dany J Says:

    Welcome to the world of blogs! Becareful about losing sleep. The problem lies in the phenomena known as phase shift. Your sleep cycle and the day cycle are offset by about 30 degrees. You seem to suffer from this. A more serious condition arises when your sleep cycle is greater than the 24-hour day cycle. You start going to bed a couple of hours later each night. As the days progress you go to bed later and later each night. You get to the point when you go to sleep as everyone stars their day. Before you know it, you are living in the graveyard shift. You can’t find anything open because everything closed by the time you get up (5pm), and you can’t talk to friends because they are sleeping when you are free to talk. The internet becomes your best friend then. Email becomes the best way to communicate with people. It’s a very serious problem; it’s very common with college students. Welcome to wordpress!!

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