mean what you say.

so i’m grabbin some fast food lunch today at BK’s…

i sit behind a young girl and what appear to be her three children also having lunch. the oldest was a girl around 6-7 years old. next was a 4-5 year old boy. and then there was an infant in the porta-craddle at her side. while the girl only appeared to be in her mid-twenties at most, i can’t say for sure if they were her kids- but here in urban-land babies come unto girls in early adolescence.

well, by now you’ve probably conjured a stereotypical image of what i might say: frustrated young mother… babies having babies… kids screaming… running all over the place. the ordinary wouldnt be much to write about. what amazed me was the extreme opposite of any stereotype.

the two toddlers were extremely well behaved. not fidgety, not fighting for attention, not protesting. all in all they were all pretty quiet, but the mother did periodically talk to her children and take moments to coo and smile into the craddle of the infant. quite pleasant and i admired their dynamics.

so as i sat there i debated whether they were her kids or what. my impulse was to find rhyme and reason for not being stereotypical. after they finished their un-hurried lunch and prepared to leave, there was an inclination to their composures. the young boy had one of the beloved fast food happy meal toys. he was attemping to break it. it seemed he might have been trying to taught his mother who said to him, “it’s not mine, break it if you want. but if you do i’m gonna throw it away.” he couldnt resist- he broke it. the mother swiftly took it from him and threw it into the trash. it gets more intriguing– no protests, no tears. yes he looked disappointed, but he appeared to know he asked for it in some way. and only moments later the mother warmly gave her infant more coo’s and smiles. i was impressed.

i can only assume the mother’s solid demeanor is testimony to the parental practices of being sincere. no threats, no false promises, no anger- just a strict adherence to her words. and her words were not extreme or without warrant. wow.

live by example and mean what you say.

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